Trendyrecords is a media organization more than ever.

We are a free media association that spotlights on serving the Nigerian audience and the world on the loose with the confirmed and undiluted distribution of true to life, melodic, publication, and a huge of different media-related contents.

Trendyrecords asks for a specialty that has been frantically left unattended either deliberately or generally by the various scholars and bloggers; consequently we have chosen to make up for that shortfall.

Uniqueness in itemizing the objective as we enjoy jumping into fascinating parts of the confidential existences of that TV faces that you have developed to cherish so a lot and obviously with assent from our lofty characters.

The point is to present to you our perusers up and close with both forthcoming and popular performers in pretty much every area. We beseech you to keep your tab on us as we dole out continually, amusement masked in unadulterated undiluted data on your favourite celebrities.